About Hemlock Hill Garden, Nursery & Landscaping

Nestled in the hills of western New York and Wyoming County, Hemlock Hill Garden, Nursery & Landscaping is just a short drive from Warsaw, Buffalo and Rochester. Our nursery offers a large collection of perennials, the usual and hard to find varieties, uncommon annuals, culinary and medicinal herbs, trees, shrubs, fruit trees and vegetable plants. We also carry hand crafted Jamaican walking sticks, bird houses, unique furniture and custom wattle fences and arches. Our landscaping designs include theme gardens such as our own fairy garden. You will want to stop and visit it while here. Kids get a free sea shell from the fairies! Hemlock Hill Garden Nursery is a quiet out of the way place where songbirds abound. You can see personally what plants the humming birds, butterflies love. This is their favorite place. We have been growing plants and establishing gardens for homes and business for 25 years.